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  Human First

Our Corporate Policies:

  • Consistency in production and quality
  • Innovation
  • Respect for nature and humanity  


HEMA aims at persistent improvement devoted to objectives of performing sustainable operations in long run and the management of our effect on environment. HEMA will cooperate with non-governmental organizations to protect the environment, help the people understand the environmental issues and generalize good cases.

Business Principles (Operational Standards) :

We perform our operations by showing respect for human rights and benefits of our employees in accordance with the principles of honesty, sincerity. We are also respectful at all relationships to legal benefits.

Respect for Law:

HEMA Company has to obey laws and regulations of the country on any cooperation.


Serving constant value in aspects of price and quality, HEMA Company aims at serving branded products and services which could be used reliably. Products and services will be labeled, promoted and delivered completely and smoothly.


Based on mutual respect and confidence, HEMA shows respect for “dissidences” in a working environment of which any employee feels responsible about the performance and reputation of the company.