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Based on mutual respect and confidence, HEMA shows respect for “dissidences” in a working environment of which any employee feels responsible about the performance and reputation of the company.
The company is going to act on employment and promotion based on the principal of quality and skills related to job.
The company guarantees providing safe and healthy working conditions for employees. No employees are enforced to work and no children are employed.
The company will hold in-service training programmes for improving employees’ skills and abilities.
The company shows respect for freedom to personal organizations and honor of humanity.
The company will communicate with employees by means of information resources and information procedures of the company.
Employees are the key elements and the base of growing success of HEMA with their values. HEMA employees focus on bringing happiness to consumers in Turkey and work for today and the future.
HEMA Company encourages employees for permanent success which is desired to be the primary way of thinking.
The company provides personal responsibility opportunities for both career and private life of employees.

Values of Employees

  • The Culture of Decision making Based on Principles.
  • Industrial Relations
  • Human Resources System Based on Performance
  • Healthy Life Programme
  • Active Social Life